This is Vera Khovanskaya's website. I'm in my fifth year of being a graduate student worker the Information Science PhD program at Cornell University.

I am a graduate student in the Department of Information Science at Cornell University. I study how social implications are built into technology through technical decision-making, and develop methods to identify and alter underlying values in technology through critical technical practice. I am also interested in methods that integrate archival research with early stages of design research and speculative design. My current focus for this work is studying the design and implementation of new metrics for evaluating the outputs of work in relationship to organized labor, specifically in the context of workplace rationalization projects taken up by the engineering department of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union in the 1940-50s.

Last summer I co-organized a summer school on technology and social impact. I regularly TA INFO/STS 4240: Designing Technologies for Social Impact and in the summer of 2017 I taught INFO1100, an introductory programming course for non-majors in Processing.

I am advised by Phoebe Sengers. My brilliant committee also features Karen EC Levy, Adam Seth Litwin, and Lynn Dombrowski. I am a member of the Culturally Embedded Computing Group, CEmCom.

When I was deciding how to design this, I searched for "good websites without a .css file" in the Google search engine and when they couldn't find anything I decided to do it first.

Everything else after here is incredibly out of date, I am working on making it better but I also also working on my dissertation. Here is my CV (last updated April 2019).


- I am super-excited to share some of preliminary dissertation work. Here is a pre-print of the pictorial I will present at DIS in June.


I do not believe that self-archiving (or any other "green" open access) tactics will go far in imagining viable alternatives to the paywalls but I am in the process of collecting pre-prints of my work to share using the server space I already have. Until then please email me for a .pdf of anything that has my name on it.

Email me at vdk9 at cornell dot edu.

I exist more substantially on Twitter, LinkedIn, and G+.

Here are some images from some of my recent work, spring-summer 2015
design in newfoundland design for busy families in socal